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Mother Home and Hope Corporation, a non-profit organization established in Brooklyn, NY, dedicates its mission to providing housing and employment to individuals in need within the city. Guided by compassion, empathy, community, belonging, and sustainability, the organization prioritizes housing migrant families and individuals, initially focusing on working-class adults with work permits.


Through acquiring and renovating donated buildings, Mother Home and Hope Corporation offers long-term or permanent housing solutions. On-site job training programs equip residents with skills and opportunities in various fields, including construction, indoor farming, food preparation, housekeeping, management, research and development, and security. These programs are overseen by paid staff, ensuring professional development and skill acquisition.

To cater to the basic needs of residents, the organization provides food and clothing through donations or partnerships with other non-profit organizations. This commitment to holistic support goes beyond mere housing and work, nurturing a strong sense of community within the building.


Mother Home and Hope Corporation envisions a future where its community thrives on self-reliance and sustainability. Exploring avenues for partial self-sufficiency, the organization hopes to implement indoor food production and electric power generation initiatives. Fostering collaboration and resource sharing with similar communities further strengthens this vision of collective growth and well-being.


Ultimately, Mother Home and Hope Corporation aspires to create a thriving, self-sufficient environment where individuals find safe housing, meaningful work, and a sense of belonging. This commitment to providing comprehensive support and fostering a thriving community forms the cornerstone of the organization's mission.

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